Lent by Heart

How to Memorize the Gospel Stories of the Passion and Death

Talks by the Author, Bill Powell

Picture of Bill Powell

Hi! I'm Bill Powell, author of Lent by Heart. I'd like to show your church, bible study group, students or other group how to learn the Passion stories from the Gospels.

They'll go home with simple, easy memory techniques that they can start using right away.

I offer two programs:

One-Hour Talk for Adults: Learn the Passion Stories

In this one-hour talk, we'll cover the basics of how to learn Scripture by heart. You don't need advanced memory training to memorize these Passion stories. You just need the right techniques.

This fun, high-energy talk is the perfect way to launch your Lent. You'll come away motivated and confident that you can learn these stories, with the tools you need to do it.

Topics Covered in the One-Hour Talk

  • Your Memory Is Amazing! Anyone Can Memorize.

  • Speaking Out the Verses

  • Bible Rhythms: Free the "Verses" Back Into a "Poem"

  • The Gospels as Stories, Not Paragraphs

  • Ditch the "Reverential Monotone", and Let the Words Live

  • Taking In the Verses

  • Renewing the Verses

  • Experiencing the Verses

  • Why You Don't Need Mnemonics

  • Your New Daily Routine

  • Questions and Answers

Fee for the One-Hour Talk for Adults: $295

One Hour Talk for Children

Children can learn these stories too! We'll cover the same essential memory techniques as the adult talk, but geared towards your age group.

And we'll spend much more time practicing out loud, saying the verses back and forth with energy and rhythm.

Children as young as 10 or so can memorize verses as well as adults. They just need to know how.

Imagine your group of kids reciting entire stories from the Bible! They will relish their newfound superpower.

Fee for the One-Hour Talk for Children: $295

Ready for your group to learn the Passion stories?

Send me an email or call 540-305-6824.

Prices and programs subject to change.

All prices are for the Northern Virginia area. I'm happy to travel farther, but I ask for reasonable travel expenses as well.