Lent by Heart

How to Memorize the Gospel Stories of the Passion and Death


Sample Chapters

Daily Memory Chart

In Lent by Heart, I explain how to track your memory progress with a special wall calendar.

I call it a "Seinfeld" chart. Supposedly, the famous comedian once advised a young comedian to hang a huge, year-long calendar on his wall. Every day, he had to write some new jokes. If he wrote the jokes, he could put a big red "X" on that day.

Put this chart on the wall, in a place where you'll see it regularly. Once you've got a few X's, you won't want to "break the chain".

Download the memory chart (PDF). This chart is blank so that you can fill in the dates, depending on when you start.

If you prefer a dated calendar, you can make one quickly at pdfcalendar.com.